Psychiatric Evaluation

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Psychiatric Evaluation

Psychiatric evaluations have one goal, and that’s to get the information needed to diagnose the cause of your emotional or behavioral concerns. Bradley McClure, MD, and his team at McClure & Associates Psychiatry in Tulsa, Oklahoma, have years of experience gently gathering information from people facing mental health problems. You only need to schedule an appointment and be willing to talk about the challenges you face and how they affect your life. Call the office or use online booking to schedule an appointment and start your journey toward wellness.

Psychiatric Evaluation Q & A

What is a psychiatric evaluation?

A psychiatric evaluation is a way to assess your mental health. During the evaluation, your McClure & Associates Psychiatry provider obtains information about your mental and physical health so they can accurately diagnose the cause of your symptoms.

Psychiatric evaluations explore your emotional, behavioral, social, and physical well-being. Cognitive testing to identify problems with brain functions like memory and attention may be needed, but it’s usually done during another appointment.

When would I need a psychiatric evaluation?

There may be a few exceptions, but nearly everyone seeking care at McClure & Associates Psychiatry will need a psychiatric evaluation. Just like a physical illness, your provider needs to learn about your condition and diagnose the underlying problem before they can recommend the best treatment.

You may need a psychiatric evaluation if you have negative, worrisome, or upsetting thoughts, behaviors, or feelings.

You may feel depressed or anxious, have mood swings, or wonder why you keep having angry outbursts. Or maybe you can’t concentrate, struggle to make friends, or can’t get over a traumatic event.

When your emotions and behaviors negatively affect your life, it’s time to get help from the caring McClure & Associates Psychiatry team. At that point, they determine if you need an evaluation.

What happens during a psychiatric evaluation?

Don’t let thoughts of a psychiatric evaluation stop you from seeking treatment. You don’t need to worry about it or prepare in any way. Your skilled provider guides the way. 

Your evaluation begins with a conversation between you and your McClure & Associates Psychiatry provider. They ask questions to get the details about your symptoms, such as when they occur and how they affect your daily life.

Your provider reviews your medical and mental health history. They also learn about your lifestyle habits, social interactions, and work environment, information that helps them understand your mental health in context with your overall life.

You may need to complete a simple questionnaire about your emotions and behaviors. While adolescents complete their own questionnaires, your provider asks parents and sometimes other important adults like teachers and caregivers to provide information.

Psychiatric evaluations do not include standardized psychological or intelligence testing. Your provider may recommend further testing based on the results of your assessment.

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